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Dead Space Pushed...Forward?

Well this is a pleasant change from how things normally go down. EA's survival horror space shooter Dead Space, once slated for the October 31st release date coveted by scary games everywhere, has been pushed forward. See? It doesn't seem natural, does it? EA released a statement in Europe earlier today stating that the console versions of the game would be hitting store shelves on October 24th, a full week earlier than originally announced. The North American version is due out a few days earlier on the 21st, because we like our games earlier in the week for some odd reason. Note that the European PC version is still scheduled for Halloween. Gamestop here in the U.S. lists it for a release alongside the console versions, but they have been wrong in the past. So the game loses some of it's spooky Halloween ambiance, but that's more than made up by how frighteningly well EA is handling this title.DEAD SPACE RELEASE BROUGHT FORWARD EA's New Survival Horror IP Moves in early London, UK – August 29, 2008 – Electronic Arts today announced that its new sci-fi survival horror game Dead Space™ will now be coming to stores on October 24th for the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system, the Xbox 360™ videogame and entertainment system, and October 31st for PC. The decision to bring it to fans earlier was due to completing the game early. Having spent months of polishing, it will soon be ready to scare gamers across the UK. Gamers can check out the newest trailers and get all the latest dev team news at the Dead Space website


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