The guys over at Game Cinema HD have served up some movie magic in the form of a mini-boss from EA's upcoming survival horror shooter Dead Space. While the action certainly looks rather sedate at first, what with the monster having a fairly obvious weak spot to attack for massive damage, things quickly take a turn for the worse. The outcome of the fight is very unpleasant, so we've gone ahead and put it after the jump on top of GCHD's impressive 'tell us your age, we trust you' age gate system. Plus, while he's just a mini-boss, we still respect your right to not want to see what happens, so feel free to distract yourself with this exclusive shots of the game while the stronger and less virtuous among us take the plunge.


Click to view Right now GCHD's servers are getting hit pretty hard, seeing as this is their exclusive dealio, so be patient with the load times. Hit up the link to see more GCHD exclusive Dead Space vids should their network not explode! More Dead Space Goodness [GCHD]