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Dead Space Extraction Extracts Itself In September

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

EA has given the Wii installment of their survival horror franchise a release date, with Dead Space Extraction scheduled to hit a little under a year after the original game.

September 29th marks the date that Wii owners get shot of EA-flavored survival horror. Dead Space Extraction is an on-rails shooter that tells the story of what happened before the player shows up in Dead Space, so one can pretty much assume that things don't end too well.

"Our team is really excited to bring the intensity of the Dead Space universe to an entire new audience," said Executive Producer, Steve Papoutsis. "We are going to deliver the same high quality, cinematic experience we delivered in the original Dead Space, while also adding co-op, new enemies, weapons and taking advantage of all of the unique features the Wii has to offer."


I'm still getting a little bit of a Dead Rising: Chop Til Ya Drop vibe off of this one, but Crecente seems to think the Extraction team has done a fine job of working with the Wii's limitations, so who knows? I suppose we all will come September 29th.