Dead Space Engine Hoping To Dismember Middleware Market

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Even before Dead Space is out of the door, the development team behind it are hopeful that they can carve a chunk (this may be literally true, given Dead Space's rep) from the game engine market. The engine is currently being prepped for duty in the Godfather 2 game and Glen Schofield of EA Redwood Shores is hopeful that it will go on to see heavy use within EA and beyond. Weirdly, the source article mentions that "Lawyers are currently on the job sorting out the legalities of officially naming the engine" - not sure what this means, but perhaps there are some licensing issues stemming from the engine's origins in the original Godfather game and From Russia With Love (it has been heavily extended since then). For now though, it is The Engine With No Name - suggestions in the comments, by all means. Dead Space engine to become major middleware [Game Player]


I vote for Digital Space engine, using the other meaning of space.