Dead Space Creator Is Making A New Space Horror Game Set In The PUBG Universe

Illustration for article titled iDead Space/i Creator Is Making A New Space Horror Game Set In The iPUBG/i Universe
Screenshot: Striking Distance Studios

The Callisto Protocol is a new survival horror game from the creators of Dead Space. “The game challenges players to escape the maximum security Black Iron Prison and uncover its terrifying secrets,” according to the game’s press release.

Striking Distance Studios, led by former Visceral Games vice-president Glen Schofield, is creating a new survival-horror game set, according to the publishers, hundreds of years in the future of the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) universe. Yeah, you heard me. Catch the cinematic trailer here.

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“PUBG Universe” is the dumbest compound noun I have heard in quite a while. Literally no human person is fond of the world building or lore of PUBG, if there are such things. I understand that this exists to have money from that team, and that’s fine. But that team should have just given them funding without the idiotic idea of a connection of some kind.