Gabriel and Lexine from Dead Space: Extraction make their Dead Space 2 debut on March 1 as the central cast for the chilling new single-player digital download pack Severed. Here's a scream that will haunt you all day long.

I played Dead Space 2 for about an hour before I set it aside, not out of dislike, but out of fear. It's what I get for playing it in a darkened room with no one else in the house at the time. I'll get back to it though, hopefully in time for the March 1 release of Dead Space: Severed.

Gabe Weller from Dead Space: Extraction stars in this two chapter side-story, along with Lexine Murdoch and a special guest from the original Dead Space, the Twitcher.

I might not be able to make it through the downloadable content either. *shivers*


Dead Space 2: Severed will be available for 560 Microsoft points or $6.99 on Xbox Live worldwide and the North American PlayStation Network, with European PlayStation 3 players getting it on March 2.