Ten killed? Are there even ten zombies in this entire game? A new batch of Dead Rising Wii has been released, showing off things like the in-game attacks with a fire extinguisher and guitar, but not showing hoards of zombies. The game will be out next February — hopefully it will bring more than a zombie carpool with it. ç›źă«ă€ăă‚‚ăźă™ăčăŠăŒæ­Šć™šă«ăȘă‚‹ïŒŸ ă€Žăƒ‡ăƒƒăƒ‰ăƒ©ă‚€ă‚žăƒłă‚° ă‚Ÿăƒłăƒ“ăźă„ă‘ă«ăˆă€ [Famitsu]