Some details to go with the raw announcement from the other day. The Dead Rising Wii port will be known not as Dead Rising Wii, but as...drum roll...Dead Rising: Zombie Sacrifice. Brilliant. The changes extend past the name, however. For starters, Otis' real-time missions are gone. Instead, you'll get 3-4 sub-missions to tackle before taking on one of the major "plotline" quests, a much more linear - and less frustrating - system than that found on the 360 version. The camera's also been changed, from behind-and-above-Frank to the view/style employed in Resident Evil 4. Because of this, they've removed the photo mode, as apparently it just wasn't working. Finally, they've added new enemies, new weapons, and new waggle controls to make the most of both of them. And that's it! No release date info or anything like that, so for now, that's all you get.


What's New in Wii Dead Rising [1UP]

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