Dead Rising Wii Is A Terrible, Terrible Idea

I just spent some time playing Dead Rising on the Wii. Waiting in line, I was treated to one of the game's new additions: a new movie (you know, like the one that played if you left the title screen inactive on the 360 version). It was a zombie hardcore band, rocking out in front of a zombie hardcore crowd, like a music video. It was funny, I enjoyed it. Then I went inside and started playing. Things went swiftly downhill. I spoke with Dead Rising Wii producer Mino Nakai yesterday. Having read Amanda's less-than-glowing impressions of the game from last week, I asked whether the stuff told Capcom her - mainly that a new, improved build would be playable at TGS - checked out. Know what he said? He said no, aside from a few minor bug fixes, this was the same build, because the game was nearly done. Oh boy. This game is a complete waste of time. The whole point of the first Dead Rising was that there was hundreds of zombies. Because they were slow, and stupid, and slow, it was the sheer weight of numbers that provided not only the challenge, but the enjoyment. Zombie survival fantasies don't involve evading/killing 2 zombies, they involve evading/killing thousands of them. You know how many zombies I saw on-screen at one time? Six. Six zombies. And that's not in a room, or a store, that's across the massive concourse at the start of the game. Yet they still shamble. There's no urgency, there's no danger. There's no fun. To compensate, Capcom have added a few new enemies: killer poodles and killer parrots. They're vaguely ridiculous, and do very little to make up for the lack of more shambling corpses.


What's worse, the controls are woeful. To pick up a dropped item, you don't press a button. You press the Z button and the A button. They're on opposite sides of opposite controllers. It's stupid. The Wii Remote aiming controls are woefully twitchy. and to switch weapons you need to us the d-pad while aiming. Meaning you can't use the Wii Remote at that time, requiring you to aim with the nunchuk while reaching with your other hand. It's messy. It doesnt work. Look, the game's not out yet. There's time to fix some of the more minor things (control setups, for example). And the graphics, in the game's defence, look pretty good, especially the cutscenes. But none of that matters when the Wii version is missing the only thing that made the 360 one worth playing.

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