Dead Rising, The Movie

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We've come full circle. Capcom's zombie horror series Dead Rising is based on George Romero's zombie films. Now, the game series is making the leap to live action.


The movie is set in an alternative reality in which areas affected by outbreaks are strictly quarantined, and those living in the area are cordoned off from the rest of the country. Two brothers George and Shin, hatch a plan to escape.

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Starring actors Hiroki Yoshida and Hiroshi Yazaki, Shibyou Osen DEAD RISING is a live-action movie co-written and directed by Dead Rising designer and Mega-Man creator Keiji Inafune. The gory, blood-driven trailer features first-person-shooter style action, exploding heads and inventive wheelchair modification.

The movie will be released this year on Xbox LIVE and via the official site. Yeah.


At first, I cringed when I realize the characters or japanese descent since I was expecting it to take place in America with caucassian actors.

Just be strange seeing a japanese person playing Frank West.

That concern went away when I realize it is loosly based on the game and more like a side story with original chars. Why can't more movie games be like this?

Sure, the RE films suck but I would prefer that if the studio can't get the right actors or can't film it at the correct setting, they should just make the film in the same unverse as the videogame as opose to try to change the characters to appeal to a different audience (DB Evolution White Goku, I am lookin at you)