Dead Rising: Case Zero introduced gamers not only protagonist Chuck Greene and his cute-as-a-zombie-button daughter, but also the game's love of alcohol, vomit and funny, but crass humor.

Case Zero also gave Xbox 360 owners a chance to check out the new gunplay mechanic for the game.

Dead Rising 2 isn't just about wading through vast, ambling seas of zombies with a machete on your own, you can also drop into a game with a friend and tag team the undead.

A big draw in Dead Rising 2 is the ability to build your own weapons by combining things you find around Fortune City, like a rake and a shotgun.

The fiction of Dead Rising 2 is backed by a smart, deep marketing push that included a live-action movie, a replica chainsaw-strapped motorcycle and a copy of Zombie Quarterly.


Dead Rising 2 takes place in Fortune City, a Las Vegas knock-off packed with strips of stores, plenty of casinos, strip clubs and cheesy malls and restaurants. Return to the review.