Dead Rising 2 Set in Vegas ?

You may remember that back in February McWhertor wrote up a rumor that Dead Rising 2 would be developed by a Western developer. Specifically, McWhertor wrote that development duties for the game have been handed over to Vancouver-area third-party Blue Castle Games.


Well, like a zombie, a good rumor is hard to kill. We've just gotten tipped off from yet another source that yes the folks behind The Bigs for 2K Sports are in fact the team working on the Dead Rising sequel. (Is that a copy of Dead Rising on their art director's desk?) Moreover, we're told that this new Dead Rising game will leave the wilds of Colorado (dammit) and venture into Las Vegas.

That's right, what's killed in Vegas doesn't stay dead in Vegas.

In their Games section, Blue Castle Games taunts visitors with redacted details about what they are working on:

We're continuing to deliver outstanding, action-oriented games with the up coming XXXX, as well as two sports related titles, XXXX XXXX and XXXX.

Our teams are having a blast working on the new games. XXXX in particular is getting a ton of buzz internally. We think it must be the XXXXXXXX aspect of XXXX XXXX that gets everyone so excited. Plus, we can't wait to see how people react to the XXXX in XXXXX .

Man, I sure hope those last set of Xs spell out Zombie Hookers in Dead Rising 2!

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