Dead Rising 2 Contracts Antler Madness

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Capcom released a solitary screen for Dead Rising 2 today. Just one! Then again, when it shows a guy in a full-leather riding suit mincing up zombies with antlers on his head, one is all you need.


I still say this game is doing it wrong. I'm going to get it because I was a sucker for the first game, but this looks to be about nothing but ridiculous (and stupid, way moreso than the first game) ways of killing zombies. As anyone can tell you, that lasts about an hour and then you're ready for something else. Like a storyline. Or saving people. Or discovering a new area. I just really get the impression this game has nothing going for it outside of killing zombies. Sounds good on the surface, but I promise that gets old. Even L4D, which is all about killing zombies, mixes it up by throwing in co-op. You pretty much never play the same round twice, even with the same group of players.

For the record, the dumbest weapon idea I've ever heard in my life is attaching 2 chainsaws to a boat paddle. It's not that it's not creative (though it isn't really) it's that it's just impractical and stupid.