Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, the game that fills in the gaps between the original zombie action game and the sequel, hits the Xbox 360 exclusively on Aug. 31, Capcom confirmed today.

The downloadable game will cost 400 Microsoft Points and introduces players to Dead Rising 2's hero Chuck Greene. And that's a price that's not making Capcom any money, according to Keiji Inafune, Capcom's Head of R&D Management Group and Executive Producer for Dead Rising 2.

"We're not making any money on this," Inafune said during today's Comic-Con panel for the game. "I went against the company's wishes and went for the 400 MSP price point"

"With Dead Rising 2: CASE ZERO we had two goals: provide newcomers with an easy point of entry to the Dead Rising universe, and give fans of the series an insight into what took place after Frank West survived the outbreak at the Willamette Mall," Inafune said in a prepared statement. "We have certainly achieved both of these ambitions but I am equally pleased that we are able to give gamers so much unique and entertaining content at such a great price."

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero takes place two years after the events of the original Dead Rising and three years before the beginning of Dead Rising 2. In the prequel, Greene is trapped in the zombie-infested desert town of Still Creek with his infected daughter, Katey.

The prequel will give players access to Greene's weapon-building skills. Players who buy the prequel will also be able to carry over character attributes earned such as ‘Player Level', to a maximum of five, ‘Prestige Points' alongside skills, ‘Combo Cards' and a number of alternate outfits.


When I spoke with Capcom earlier this year about the prequel they said there were no plans to bring Case Zero to the Playstation 3.