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Dead Or Alive Dimensions Kicks Off On May 24

Illustration for article titled emDead Or Alive Dimensions/em Kicks Off On May 24

Punching, kicking, throwing and jiggling, Dead or Alive style, comes to the Nintendo 3DS on May 24 in North America, Tecmo Koei announced today, nailing down the previously vague release date for Dead or Alive: Dimensions.


This is the Dead or Alive that features every character to ever appear in the series, telling a story to those who care about the fiction of Dead or Alive games. It also features a few things unique to the Nintendo 3DS hardware, specifically collectibles that players can acquire through the game's SpotPass features.


Says Tecmo Koei:

Exclusively utilizing SpotPass you can also collect up to 34 new costumes which will be distributed via SpotPass from May 24 - June 26, however never fear as if you miss a costume then you have a second chance to be able to complete your collection, as the SpotPass distribution will be repeated again from June 28 - July 31.

Now fighting game fans have a decision to make. Dead or Alive: Dimensions on May 24 or BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II, which hits the same day?

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I truly can't wait for this! The 3DS is truly one of the greatest devices out there. Anyone who hasn't tried it or is hesitant.... Don't, just buy it and I will promise you that you will love it! One of my close friend's is absolutely anti-handheld and only like's PC and consoles. I let him try it and he was hooked for a long time and he can't wait to get one as soon as he gets a job. The 3DS is a very capable device.