Dead Nation, When Left 4 Dead Goes Super Stardust

Click to viewSuper Stardust HD developers Housemarque know twin-stick shooters. And there isn't a target more ideal than walking rotting flesh. Hence, Dead Nation, a PlayStation 3 exclusive that had better be at E3 2010.

Dead Nation was originally unearthed at last summer's Gamescom, but Housemarque and Sony have been a bit quiet on its progress since then. Based on the brief snippet of gameplay in this new trailer for the PlayStation Network game, things are looking up.



I think in this day and age, you should really be expected to provide a reason why your game isn't multiplatform.

Other consoles can't handle it grapically? Money? You are owned by the console company? Don't like the other consoles? Laziness? Control scheme? Never thought to do it? Would be redundant with exclusives already on that system? Hate people who buy that other console?

Those are all reasons that are legitimate enough, but at least A reason why this is not coming out on the 360 is not too much to ask. Console exclusive releases are no longer the norm, they're getting to be the exception, and that's a good thing for everyone but the people making the console.

I'm assuming the wii is not powerful enough, but why not the 360?