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Eden, a game based on Lars Von Trier's controversial movie Antichrist, will be download only and hopes to present a sort of personalized nightmare take on Myst, the game's director told MTV Multiplayer.


Antichrist, starring Willem Defoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg, is a horror film set in cabin in the woods. The film's outting at Cannes not only earned it a special "anti award" but resulted in four people faniting during the preview because of the extreme violence.

Turning a movie that opens with a child dying and includes genital mutilation is, you can imagine, a challenge.

""[The movie] goes against all the conventions of how you make games and what you can do in games," Game director Morten Iverson told MTV's Russ Frushtick ." Dead kids, nudity, graphic violence. It will be a very controversial game, and it'll be a game that doesn't really compare with anything else."

The game will be available for download only, hopefully on Xbox Live and Steam, Iverson said. The team also hopes to incorporate a person's personal fears into the games presentation by having gamers create a profile with a list of what they fear most to use in the game.


Hit up the full interview for the rest of this strange story.

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