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de Blob Performs Rare "Sells Well On Nintendo Hardware" Trick

We know that THQ's de Blob has been selling well, sometimes even better than Nintendo's first party Wii titles. But how well can a non-phoned-in, non-mini-game collection title sell on the Wii? Pretty well.

THQ CEO Brian Farrell puts de Blob sales at a very respectable 700,000-plus, according to a report from Edge. Not bad for a title that's holding on to a $49.99 price point. It almost gives one hope that good games will sell well on the Wii. Actually it does give THQ hope.


Farrell said at today's Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference that the company is continuing its Wii attack, focusing on more than just licensed and budget titles, but with a third prong as well.

That includes a "niche" Wii game that may fall under the company's "Nintendo-esque" description. In other words, higher-quality games with better production values that can sell to a wider audience.


"The people who buy Nintendo games, [we want to] get them to buy things like de Blob," Farrell said. That's a good idea, Brian.

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