DC Universe Online Trailer Gives You A Choice

In this new trailer from Gamescom, SOE lets you be a savior or destroyer of the DC Universe.
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A few tidbits of info for the "clone" sayers.

1) Powers cross-interact. You can freeze someone, then have your buddy pick him up and chuck him a mile away with super strength. I'm sure there's plenty of other examples, but that's the only one I know is in there.

2) PvEvP. Good guys have a quest to disarm a bomb while saving civilians. Bad guys have a quest to do something else. There are mobs in there as well fighting both sides, and I believe they can fight each other during these missions as well. Not totally clear on the nuances of it.

3) Much more action-y than either Super MMO. No spamming a power to build your power or auto-attacking while waiting for cooldowns. Some abilities cool down, yes, but for the most part it's a lot more action-packed.

4) They have a system in place kinda similar to CO's Roles, but way way better. In CO your role just tweaked a few stats and was largely useless. +% damage -% HP or whatever. In this, it affects your powers themselves from what I understand. Shift from a tank/dps role where one of your power gives you HP regen to a support role and it becomes a targetable heal. Pulling that example out of my butt, but you get the idea.

5) Super-Speed running along walls. Nuff said.