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DC Universe Online Teases Something Legendary

Something legendary is coming to DC Universe Online, and this brief yet stunning cinematic trailer raises more questions than it answers.

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First off, that's not a Batman costume I am familiar with. It reminds me of the bulkiness of Frank Miller's Dark Night, while Totilo suggested it looked a bit like Knight from Knight and Squire, the British Batman and Robin, though the chances of that being Knight are extraordinarily slim.


Then we've got Cyborg looking a bit more gruff than I'm used to seeing him, a flash of The Flash, Wonder Woman doing some fighting, Lex Luthor in his special Lex Luthor armor, the Joker seemingly using Harlequin as a human shield, and Green Lantern Hal Jordan struggling against...something.

To cap it all off, we've got Superman with glowing red eyes. While the red eyes aren't unusual (heat vision), he also seems to be sporting some facial scruff, which often denotes evil Superman.


What the hell is going on? Something legendary? Curse me for being such a Marvel fan. Perhaps our commenters can come to the rescue?

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This was probably the best trailer I have seen for this game, unfortunately it was really confusing.