DayZ Short Film Is, Surprise, Not A Feel-Good Movie

DayZ is a game about the zombie apocalypse, survival, and permadeath. It is also—thanks to players—about trolling, griefing, and the truest, douchiest darkness of the human heart. Bitter enemies become the best of friends... until it stops being convenient.

I love the drama and cinematography on display here. Eternum Pictures really captured the look and vibe of Bohemia's always slightly-dreary survival sandbox. The budding friendship between two "players" is also a nice touch, indicative of the little in-game interactions that sometimes take people from complete strangers to—at least, for a play session or two—inseparable best friends. But, as is often the case with these things, nothing lasts forever. And when it ends, it's usually not pretty.


Admittedly, this film isn't entirely true to the DayZ experience. Nobody's demanding at gunpoint that somebody hand over their pants, nor do I see anyone glitching through the fields like some kind of space-time-warping gazelle. Who knows, though? Maybe they're saving those things for DayZ Live-Action II, in addition to the scene where people yell at Dean "Rocket" Hall for 73 continuous hours.

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