DayZ Celebrates First Birthday, Updates Plans for 2015

While DayZ itself will be turning three years old in about a month (the ARMA 2 mod came out in January 2012), its standalone release celebrated its first birthday just yesterday. To honor the anniversary, the dev team released a retrospective video and updated DayZ's development roadmap for 2015.

The clip clocks in at four and a half minutes, and features creator and ex-project lead Dean Hall along with producer Brian Hicks. It's basically a history lesson centered on the DayZ standalone that talks about the events leading up to the release, the early days, the role of the community, and so on. I don't play DayZ, but it even gave me warm fuzzies.

As for the development roadmap, it's not all that different from the one they released in November. The new additions include improved cooking/horticulture and an advanced anti-hack system in Q1, world containers and a new physics system in Q2, and advanced communication in Q3. Here's the whole thing:

First Quarter

  • Basic vehicles
  • Advanced loot distribution
  • New renderer
  • New Infected AI
  • Basic stealth system (infected and animals)
  • Diseases
  • Improved cooking and horticulture
  • Advanced anti-hack system (Dynamic BattlEye)

Second Quarter

  • Advanced vehicles (repair and modifications)
  • Advanced animals (life cycle, group behaviour)
  • Player statistics
  • New UI
  • Player stamina
  • Dynamic events
  • World containers
  • New physics system

Third Quarter

  • Traps
  • Barricading
  • Character life span + soft skills
  • Animal predators + birds
  • Aerial transport
  • Console prototype
  • Advanced communication

Fourth Quarter

  • Animal companions
  • Steam community integration
  • Construction (base building)
  • Beta version

One Year of DayZ [Official Site]

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