Days Gone Patch Fixes Some Audio And Progression Problems, Leaves A Few Others

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After receiving daily patches removing (and in one case adding) a number of bugs in its first week, Days Gone spent nearly three weeks without any further needed fixes.. There’s good news out in the freaker wastes, though: Patch 1.08 was released last Friday, addressing a few more issues, and announcing a change to the Days Gone long-term support plan.


According Sony’s Bend Studio, Patch 1.08 fixes a number of bugs that kept some players from completing three missions, and also addresses some long-standing audio issues that caused dialog to desync with video in cutscenes. Also fixed are a couple of problems introduced by previous patches that caused the incorrect number of autosaves to upload to users’ cloud storage, as well as no longer wiping difficulty settings when players updated to the latest version.

The patch also comes with a note from Bend that indicates the developers intend to “slow down” on the number of patches released but “add more fixes, features, and optimizations with each patch.”


Despite the patch, some players on the Days Gone subreddit report they are still running into issues, most of which are similar to the ones Patch 1.08 was supposed to address. Late game missions aren’t triggering, leaving some players stuck, and audio remains hit or miss during gameplay.

More patches are surely coming, just without a return to that early, rapid pace. Perhaps several will come bundled with the forthcoming free Days Gone DLC currently scheduled for June, which will add weekly challenges and a “Survival” mode that will up enemy difficulty; remove fast travel and Survival Vision; and limit the HUD for more tense experience. And hopefully a less buggy one.

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I finally finished with this game this weekend, and by the end I did like it more than my initial few hours. If you enjoy the gameplay loops and hordes and such, there’s a lot of game to keep you occupied. It certainly never felt like Bend was giving it any less than their all.

Still not sold on the story and the characters, but overall a very solid game for anyone who likes these kinds of games.