To: Ashcraft From: McWhertor RE: The Amazing Art Of Buying Faulty Products (Do You Have It?) If you're reading this, the Earth hasn't been atom smashed into oblivion by the Large Hadron Collider. Whew! That's good news. My continued existence ensure that I got to see Crecente pimping your Arcade Mania! book — and his own foreword — which reminds me that we need to talk shop. Collabo! Here's what you missed while sleeping. "Muslim Massacre" Surprisingly Found Offensive First Look At Disaster: Day of Crisis In Action Vigilante 8 Skids Off Road NCSoft Ditching "Lighter" Games To Focus on Triple A Titles NC Europe, NC Austin and ArenaNet Transform to Become NC West World Of Goo Goes Gold, WiiWare Version Coming Soon Will Wright's Favorite Games