Dawn of War II has featured a few of Warhammer 40K's alien races, but they've never been playable in the game's singleplayer campaigns. That's about to change.

In early 2011, Relic and THQ will release Dawn of War II: Retribution, a new expansion for Dawn of War II that features a story-driven campaign letting you play as multiple alien races.

The first of these to be revealed is the Orks, but since Dawn of War II has also featured races like the Tyranid and Eldar, you'd expect them to show up - and be playable - as well.

In addition to this turnaround, Retribution will also have stuff like new units and maps, while THQ also promises an "entire new playable faction". I take that to mean a race will be playable we've never seen in Dawn of War II before, since Dawn of War had almost everyone by the time its expansions dried up. Here's hoping it's the Tau!