David Jaffe Talks God of War, Brett Ratner, Kotaku Commenters

Earlier today, Brett Ratner, director of the barely tolerable Rush Hour series and the miserable X-Men: The Last Stand, confirmed that he'll be helming the God of War flick if and when the picture gets the greenlight. The reaction online has been, well, yeah.
God of War designer David Jaffe has posted a video of himself addressing the reaction. Hey, Jaffe likes that X-Men movie Ratner made. It was entertaining! And he does remind everyone that Ratner is surrounded by intelligent, talent people so all is not lost. And when not pointing out the difference between Brett Ratner's X-Men (popcorn!) and Bryan Singer's X-Men (meaty), he offers a retort to Kotaku commenters who aren't so thrilled about the Ratner picture. God of War Director Announced... [David Jaffe Thanks, T.G.!]

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I thought all "c"'s were replaced with "k"'s in Kotakuland? :(