David Jaffe On Sarah Palin

We gotta give it to God of War creator David Jaffe: Dude speaks his mind. Says what he honestly thinks. And he doesn't pull any punches. In a recent video blog, the game developer offers his opinion on John McCain's Vice President pick, Sarah Palin:

The VP pick... When I found out about McCain's VP pick, I was like, "Okay, look, there's no way the Republicans are happy about this at all." And there you go, they're raving like this is some great choice. So if anyone who's watching this is a Republican, please comment and explain to me... You know, it doesn't seem like the Hillary thing is gonna work for most women. I can't imagine most women, or voters in general, although certainly women in this case, are going to say, "We didn't get Hillary, we'll vote for this lady. I think she's, you know, kind of cute. She's the perfect definition of a MILF. Not to, you know, disparage her or anything. I'm not trying to sort of make it about that, but it's like that's what I see when I look at her. I didn't love Hillary but I looked at her and I saw experience and intelligence... you look at this woman and you see a MILF. That's what you see. Her experience doesn't really seem to indicate that she would be all that great as a vice-president and certainly not a president. What are they thinking? The more important question is why am I seeing so many Republicans saying this is great?


Video clip below, Jaffe starts talking about Palin at about 3 minutes 40 seconds in.

God of War Designer David Jaffe Reduces Sarah Palin Candidacy to Lowest Common Denominator [GamePolitics]

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I'm not religious, not at all, and I have nothing against people who are...

But when I hear that women are supporting another woman like Palin, it just really bugs me. I'm not a woman either, but I believe in many cases, such as rape or with minors, that abortion is the best option when faced with a pregnancy, whether your religion says it is wrong or not. I've met many religious friends who are girls around my age and asked, "If you got pregnant, would you get an abortion?" and the response I've continually heard is yes.

It just bothers me that some people would like to outlaw this. It's not like that kills the problem - back alley abortions will always happen.

Maybe it's just me, but does religion really blind people like Palin so much that they'd rather have women suffer risky back alley abortions than just letting them get one safely? It's not like anyone is making Palin get an abortion, or her daughter for that matter. But everyone at least deserves a choice, in my opinion.