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David Bowie's Son Is Excited About The World Of Warcraft Movie

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Okay, that's not fair. Duncan Jones is more than just David Bowie's son. He's also the son of fashion model Angela Bowie.

And, of course, Jones is a terrific filmmaker in his own right, helming the wonderful sci-fi flick Moon.


Jones tells Badass Digest that he's "very cynical" of directors who claim to be gamers. "I think there are less real gamers involved in directing only because you have to spend so much time making films that there's no time to be a hardcore gamer", he says. "I'm just slightly insane and I stay up all night playing games. In the day I'm working and at night I play games."

While conceding that there are obvious game elements that will never make the jump to film, Jones thinks that World of Warcraft could work well as a film. "If you're going to make a film of a game it's got to be about the essence of why you, the audience, care what's going on," says Jones. "There are certain games where that will work, and there are certain games where it doesn't." World of Warcraft, the director points out, is one of those games that he thinks will work.


"I'm hugely jealous of Sam Raimi," Jones told me. "I really believe World of Warcraft could be the launch of computer games as good films. And from the little I've read of interviews with him the way he's approaching it makes so much sense. It's what I was talking about — it's not worrying about how the game plays, it's about creating the world of the game and investing the audience in that world."

The World of Warcraft film is still very much in the very, very early stages, with apparently only a few dozen pages of treatment typed out. Raimi is busying himself with Oz: The Great and Powerful, an origin story about the Wizard of Oz.


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