David Bowie Is Every Metal Gear Solid Character Ever

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This was doing the rounds over the weekend, so apologies if you've already seen it: watch as David Bowie is revealed to be every bloody character in Metal Gear Solid ever.


As cool as this is, it's technically already been done. David Bowie is in pretty much every video game ever. Actually, scratch that. David Bowie is in every Japanese video game ever.

(Tangent: I have a theory about this. It's a combination of Japanese perceptions of western people and the fact that David Bowie is, in fact, a complete shape shifter. Bowie looks like what Japanese people think every Western blonde male looks like. You could probably make an argument for David Beckham being in every single Japanese video game as well.)

Annnyyyyway. This is pretty cool.

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Hey, wannabe Metal Gear fan here, I'm planning on starting with twin snakes and then following with the HD collection of two and three and Peace Walker, and playing the GBC game somewhere in the middle. Does that sound like a plan?