Dataminer Says Words Like 'Honkers' And 'Robitussin' Might Get You Banned In Kingdom Hearts Rhythm Game

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Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory is an upcoming rhythm game for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch that expands the already convoluted Kingdom Hearts storyline. The game got a demo earlier this month, in which well-known speedrunner and dataminer Kaitlyn “Orcastraw” Molinas discovered what she says is a list of words players could get banned for using online in Melody of Memory.

Some of the banned words make a lot of sense. I don’t know if I want to match up against someone named after Nazi leaders like Adolf Hitler or Heinrich Himmler while playing a Kingdom Hearts game. Same goes for obviously ugly or otherwise crass words like “Holocaust,” “rimjob,” and “titfuck.” I’m just here to listen to some tunes and watch Disney characters mix it up with folks from Final Fantasy. I don’t need all that in my face.


But then the list starts to feel a little like overkill. Robitussin, a popular brand of cough syrup in the United States, is a banned word? I mean, sure, it can be used for purposes other than alleviating a cold, but are Kingdom Hearts fans big lean drinkers? Same goes for Melody of Memory banning the word “Quaaludes.” When was the last time someone younger than 56 used that word unironically? And I definitely have to call into question banning “homosex” and “honkers.” I’ve never heard the former, and the latter is just plain funny.

Also, what’s the deal with “testical,” Square Enix? That’s not even a word!

In all seriousness, this is probably a list that has been used in several games up to this point. We asked Square Enix how it was put together but didn’t get an answer before publishing. At least now, folks know some of the words to stay away from if they want to keep playing the game online. Be sure to check out Orcastraw’s entire Melody of Memory thread for other cool Kingdom Hearts findings.

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Reminds me of the absolutely stupid censor in PS3's chat function. It would censor words like “chatter”, “bite”, “connection”, and “toy”. It was so dumb.

Edit: Found a few threads talking about how completely bonkers the censoring was, and some of these make no sense or are just hilarious.

bite - ****
chatter - ******r
classes - cl*****
connection - *****ction
engine - *****e
fallout - *****ut
Peter - *****
Simon - *****
toy - ***
trigger - tr*****

i cant type piru.. but i can type PIRU.. wow

I found that you can’t say ‘Bride’

Some of them are just dumb to censor like “macaroni”, “connection”, “association”, etc. I really wish there was feature that you can choose to turn on or off then censors like some game chat rooms online do.

I use ‘lulz’ instead of ‘lol’ but lul is censored since it’s Dutch for dick, I think.

When using keyboard/text pad....Hello is censored....Yes...HELLO, pretty much the most common greeting in the English language is censored...

Wow.....Jesus is censored. My effing GOD!!!

The word “damn” is NOT censored.

it counted ‘Halo’ as inappropriate language.

I swear to god this would have become a meme if it had happened today.