Darth Vader Reduced to Doing Korean Ads, Warping into the Women's Restroom

Why wonder what the hell Sonic the Hedgehog is doing in a car insurance ad when you can wonder what the hell Darth Vader is doing in South Korean telecom commercials.


Actually, don't. Vader, like many Hollywood stars, has been shilling in Asia for years, appearing in Japan's Docomo ads—and even in ads for Docomo rival, AU. The slut.


Though, who knew Vader had teleportation powers? Or could speak Korean? Or hung out in the women's restroom?

올레LTE 워프하는 다스베이더 [YouTube Thanks, Jimmy!]

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I think they're a phone company or something. That would explain the budget.

But, is it just me or do they keep saying: "Sanjay Gupta, WARP!" >_>