Morrigan Aensland from Capcom's Darkstalkers is one of the most widely depicted characters in video games. Her distinctive features have spawned dozens of statues, hundreds of cosplays and thousands of pieces of fan art. Of her myriad appearances, this statue from E2046's Gathering line might just be my favorite.

Let's just get this out of the way first. Yes, Morrigan is a little busty.

She's just made that way. She's been curvy since Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors debuted back in 1994, and I seriously doubt Capcom has any plans to change her. I point this out because as I was prepping the photos for this post it was pointed out to me on multiple occasions how chesty she is, in case I did not notice. My reaction? It's Morrigan. That's how she looks.

If we wanted to get technical, that's not quite true. The depictions of Morrigan I'm used to seeing feature outrageous chest dimensions coupled with highly unrealistic (and likely painful) surrounding physiology โ€” skinny waists, narrow hips. One wonders how they move about without breaking in half.

This Morrigan, an original sculpt from Gathering's ORI line, offers a more realistic body shape. Her arms are a bit skinny, but her torso, waist, shoulders and hips are broad and thick. One could imagine her making it through the day with only mildly debilitating back pain. This is the perspective a man gains when the mother of his children is a burlesque performer that has to special order brassieres โ€” all I feel is sympathy.

Standing nearly 16 inches tall on her base (with her name in raised lettering, in case you mistook her for someone else), this Morrigan's large size left Gathering's sculptors ample room for fine detail. The ridges of her wings, the ripples in her "dress", the fur trim along her chest, arms and wrists โ€” it's all quite exquisite. I was particularly impressed โ€” and don't read anything into this โ€” by her feet.


And that face, man. With its length, the sharp chin, tiny fanged mouth and dark shadowed eyes it brings to mind, for me at least, the classic Vampire Hunter D animated movie. She's a darker, more menacing vision of Morrigan than I'm used to, a pleasantly off-putting style that separates the piece from the other statues on the market. Note the stray strand of hair draping back over her shoulder. It's exquisite.

The statue is finished off with several non-sculpted details that help give this Morrigan a little extra style. The ribbon in her hands. The pink lock dangling from the skinny bit of cloth protecting her modesty. The fishnet cloth.


As for the paint job, how that turns out all depends on which version you acquire. There is an unpainted, completely disassembled version of the statue currently available for $124.99 (regularly $155.99). If you've got supreme confidence in your painting skill or wish to create a version based on one of Morrigan's alt-colors, then that's certainly a thing you could do.

If you'd rather have the experts at Gathering do most of the assembling and all of the painting for you, a completed kit runs $299.99 (regularly $399.99). For that hefty price you get a pair of boots, a pair of wings, the sturdy base and tiny hair wings, all ready to join the torso and form the sexiest Voltron ever.


There are countless interpretations of Capcom's beloved succubus floating about on purple bat wings. Everybody has their favorite, the one that defines what the character means to them. This is mine.