Darksiders 2 Coming In 2012

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Darksiders, one of the surprise hits of 2010, has done enough to deserve a sequel, publishers THQ revealing this week that Darksiders 2 will be out in 2012.


That's a while away, I know, but it's also enough time to do a proper sequel, not your standard "crank out a new story on the same engine" thing that many other franchises seem to settle for these days.

No other information was disclosed on things like story, but anyone who's finished the first game (or has seen Michael Bay's Transformers movies) will have a fair idea of what's about to happen.



I still have to finish Darksiders, but I've had a good time with it so far.

It's odd how the Zelda games generally don't carry much appeal for me, and yet I love the Zelda formula in games like Darksiders or Okami.