Dark Souls Hits PC in August, has "New Bosses"

Illustration for article titled emDark Souls/em Hits PC in August, has New Bosses

There are reports circulating that the latest issue of German mag PC Action contains not only confirmation that hardcore death simulator Dark Souls is headed to the PC, but that it features "new bosses".


Everything else, though, remains the same. It's apparently slated for an August release, and will be called the Dark Souls: Prepare to Die edition.

The game's PC release was strongly hinted at last month when it was none-too-subtly teased in Australia's PC Powerplay.


We've contacted Namco Bandai for confirmation, and will update if we hear back.

Dark Souls confirmed for PC [NeoGAF]

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it's going to be incredibly easy compared to the console version simply because of playing with a mouse and keyboard, then cue all the people having only played the PC version declaring how it isn't hard at all.