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Dark, Somber iOS Platformer Jumps to PC With a Fresh Coat of Paint

We already showed you Nihilumbra once before. Now, Beautifun Games' Limbo- and Portal 2-esque platformer is coming to PC (specifically, Steam) bearing gifts.


The PC version boasts quite a few improvements, which you can see in action in the video above. In addition to a graphical update, the game's getting a remastered soundtrack, controls and menus adapted to PC, and an art gallery featuring concept art. Not only that, but starting tomorrow, to celebrate Nihilumbra's first birthday, Beautifun is making the original iOS game free to download until Sunday. So generous!


Nihilumbra will hit the PC (Windows, Mac, and Linux) when it's done. According to the developer, the port is "almost ready."

Nihilumbra Greenlight [Steam]

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Well at least they take the time to do an upgrade for it. Ive seen a few games on steam that were just lazy iOS ports to the PC.