Dante's Inferno ESRB Rating Sounds Pretty Tame, Boss Penis Physics & All

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For a game that features a boss ejecting demonic babies from her nipples and "giant, metal penises" as columns, Visceral Games upcoming Dante's Inferno sounds somehow more tame when the ESRB describes it. Even considering questionable body part physics.


For a game set in Hell that seems designed to court controversy, the inclusion of "unblessed infants" as something to slay sounds a lot more reasonable when described in such a sterile fashion. "These 'unbaptized' demons resemble babies only in size," says the ESRB's warning about potentially offensive content, "as they tend to hack, slash, scream, and impale/get impaled as often as taller demons."


See? Nothing to be concerned about, especially when factoring in the rest of the violent fare and... tongue-evisceration? Yep. Tongue-evisceration.

"Blood often splatters out of monsters' bodies when attacked; weakened monsters can be finished off with a set of commands leading to tongue-evisceration, but more often, some version of dismemberment," notes the rating. These things are so informative.

The "Mature" rating touches on the game's sexual content—like Cleopatra's bared, bruise-colored breasts—and the "shade minions," which have "tentacles protrud[ing] from their stomachs, their lower regions." By that, I assume they mean their feet.

But news to me at least was the shaft-swinging accuracy in Dante's Inferno. Apparently, one "bluish devil/demon in boss-battle mode" has it's business out and "there are equivalent physics applied to female/male body parts." How far we've come from physics-free phallus!


Dante's Inferno [ESRB]

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Rachel Fogg


Phase one of my plan is complete....phase two is to gather all the attractive male game characters together.

Add pudding...minus speedos.

Good, good...:rubs hands together: