Dante's Inferno Confirmed, Here Is The Trailer

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While news of this first hit weeks ago, it all seemed a little...strange. Too strange to be true. But true it is, as this trailer is definitely for EA's take on Dante's Inferno.

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I Don't think everyone should be so quick to damn the game long before its release. I love The Divine Comedy (It's from where I took the name Dante) and particularly, Inferno.

Now, Let's think about it. This game may be based on Dante's Inferno, but not necessarily the poem. When Inferno was written, it re-wrote the Christian idea of Hell. Dante's Inferno is generally considered Canon by the Catholic church. Because if you go back, Hell was "Far from the light of God." Making it a dark, desolate place. Dante added life to Hell, so to speak.

Personally, I'm waiting to see what EA does with this. Maybe it'll end up like Eternal Darkness, and take place across different time periods, with different wanderers. Who knows?

Come on, let's wait and see what they do. If the game turns out crap, then it's crap. But it can't end up worse than Clive Barker's Jericho can it? Awesome story, horrid game.