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Danish Group Asks You To "Hit The Bitch"

Illustration for article titled Danish Group Asks You To Hit The Bitch

Denmark's Children Exposed to Violence at Home is a group dedicated towards the prevention of domestic violence. It's a noble cause! Pity their latest "ad" - a flash game involving woman-slapping - lacks the same nobility.


We can see where they're coming from; something akin to "No Russian" for the domestic violence scene. Make you do something horrible to better confront the horror. But the execution? It's a flash game. Where you do nothing but smack a woman around. Comes across a little tasteless.

As such, it's hard to recommend "Hit the Bitch" over the genre's existing powerhouse.


Anti-Violence Flash Game Lets Users Beat Woman [GamePolitics]
[Hit The Bitch]

Note: at time of publishing, the website has been blocked for IP addresses outside Denmark.

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In the game you go from 100% pussy to 100% gansta. What alot of media outside of Denmark seems to miss, is that the 100% gansta changes to 100% idiot shortly after and gives you a message that violence is bad. I don't think it's tasteless at all and the game gives you several sites to visit and help lines to call.