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Dangerously Close To On Topic

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Hola, Kotaku readers! Thanks for joining us in tonight's open thread. If you're just joining us, that's where we get together for a little chat, one that's not solely video game related. Tonight's might be though.

I need to talk out my post-E3 2011 grief, guys. I'm in the stage of post-show regret, where I worry about the things I missed, the people I didn't get to see for more than a mere moment during the hustle and bustle, the games I forgot to cover. For example, one of my Dark Souls hands-on sessions ended with the power being cut at the very end of E3. I never did make it all the way through that demo.


Any good games at E3 that you saw that might have surprised you, on Kotaku or elsewhere? Any other things you want to talk about? Like these things? Hit us in the comments to chat about it.