Dance Team Perfectly Recreates Apex Legends Character Intros

Monster Hunter Dancers, a dance group in Japan, has recreated some of the character intros featured in Apex Legends during the selection process before a match. It’s fantastic.

As you might expect with a dance group, the video features dancing after the intros. I wish Apex Legends randomly loaded into a dance battle, sounds like a fun twist on the battle royale genre. Stick around after the dancing to see how they put the video together.

Respawn, I think I know the next character skins you need to add to the game.

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InvadingDuck | Zachary D Long

That just reminds me that the Japanese voice actors in Apex are EXTREMELY choice. Like, they take Loba’s feme fatale thing and crank it up to “Arigato, baby” levels of anime. It’s great.

I wish there was a way a better way to look up the regional voice actors, because some of them seem so familiar.