Damn, That's A Big Virtual Mario

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Nintendo will soon be releasing "large" Augmented Reality (AR) cards for the 3DS handheld. Which is fine, but we prefer ones that are "ridiculously enormous".


Going on the basic principle that, the bigger the AR card the bigger the image the 3DS interprets, the guys at Nintendo-Master printed off one big-ass AR card replica then took it outside to see if it generated a child-eating-sized version of Mario.


And what do you know, it did. That thing could pass for a Cave Troll. Or play in the NBA. Or win the Royal Rumble. Or all three!

We're eagerly anticipating somebody finding the means to create a house-sized AR card, give the world a look at a Mario so big it could only be conjured by the dreams or Dr Ray Stanz...

Réalité augmentée : la plus grande carte AR au monde ! [Nintendo-Master]

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How you can do this at home, with a fraction of the paper and ink:

Move the card away from the screen, or closer to the screen, as appropriate.


I guess you couldn't walk over it then... I dunno I just think you could get the camera to see that same size image and thus display the same thing if you just held up the card. It could however just be about the size of the 'card' and that it works. *shrug*