Curry rice is one of Japan’s most popular—and beloved—dishes. On one side, there’s rice. On the other? Curry. But in some parts of Japan, you can order “dam curry.” You heard me, dam curry.

The dish can be found at some sightseeing spots near major Japanese dams, hoping to cash in on both people’s love of curry and the surrounding attractions. Of course, you could always make your own damn curry—sorry—dam curry, if you like. Twitter user 38beem did, and the result, as you can see below, is fantastic.

Before we start, here is what regular curry rice looks like.

[Photo: gaku325]

So, one half is curry, and the other half is rice. The red stuff is called “ fukujinzuke,” and it’s a type of Japanese relish. Sometimes, the rice and the curry are slightly more mixed together. Kinda like this:

[Photo: ImuraKazuyasu]

Okay? Now on to DAM CURRY!

[Photo: miyazda]

[Photo: Negibo]

[Photo: ieggu77]

[Photo: akinoko0420]

[Photo: naoshimokawa]

[Photo: pre_mania]

[Photo: sptndaapaa]

[Photo: fffkuritaro]

[Photo: roadjapan]

[Photo: fura_sj]

[Photo: digicon3]

[Photo: 38beem]

[Photo: 38beem]

[Photo: sumi_m]

Top photo: fffkuritaro

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