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Damn, Nintendo Is Selling Lots of Amiibos

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

People sure do like buying (and collecting) Amiibos. Proof of that: In its latest sales figures, Nintendo announced it’s sold 20.50 million Amiibo figures and another 21.5 million Amiibo cards.

In February 2015, Nintendo announced that it had shipped 10.5 million Amiibos worldwide. That’s an impressive number, but the current sales figures are even more so. Today in Japan, the Kyoto-based game company released its financial earnings for the nine month period ending on December 31. As mentioned above, Nintendo states it sold 20.50 million figure-type Amiibo and 21.50 million card-type Amiibo. That’s a whole bunch of Amiibo. What can I say, the world loves Amiibo.


The figurines have been so popular that there have been scarcity issues, which Nintendo has promised to rectify. Last year, Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime told Kotaku, “The mentality that suggests we are somehow constricting supply is rubbish. We want every consumer to be satisfied. We want every Amiibo player out there to be a completionist and have every single one. We’re working hard to get the supply into stores.”

The Amiibo statues launched back in November 2014, while the card type went on sale in July 2015.


Top image: Nintendo

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