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Damn, Japanese Beef Is Tasty

To: Crecente
From: Ashcraft

I have been up since 4 this morning and am TOTALLY BLOTTO. But! Good new, I have steak tonight, Japanese beef. Big, fat steak. We all had steaks, and they were something like $30 a steak. The in-laws came by today and had lunch. They brought meat. Delicious meat.


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Meat after the jump.

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@PissedPS3Fan: I agree, Japanese beef is just much "beefier" tasting than American beef. It's like a taste explosion. I'm sure it's just whatever cows are fed over there.

@everyone else: that is *not* Kobe beef up there. That's just regular everyday beef, though I'm not an expert on cuts so I don't know what cut it is. Kobe beef, though, has a lot smaller and more consistent marbling.

btw, "Kobe beef" doesn't necessarily mean it's from Kobe. The Kobe beef you eat in restaurants in the USA was not imported from Kobe; the cows are raised in America. It tastes different than Kobe beef in Japan, again probably because of whatever the farmers are feeding the cows. Real Japanese Kobe beef tastes much different/better. I do not know of *anywhere* you can get actual Japanese Kobe beef in the United States, and I've been to all the best restaurants here that supposedly serve "Kobe beef" - Megu, Nobu, Saka Gura, etc.

Japanese beer is the same thing - it drives me crazy whenever I go to a high-end Japanese restaurant, order a Kobe beef and a Kirin, and I get American beef and a glorified Budweiser.