Dammit, We Nearly Had A LEGO Marvel Game!

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While Traveller's Tales' LEGO games have already visited the DC comics universe, courtesy of the LEGO Batman game, did you know we almost got a LEGO game based on Marvel's characters as well?

Writing on his Twitter account - which seems to exist purely to field questions from developers for LEGO game ideas - TT's Jon Burton has said "We were THIS close to a Marvel LEGO a few years ago but Megabloks did an exclusive deal for Spider-man so that was that..."

Must have happened a while ago, but still. Awww man. Megabloks? Who the hell buys Megabloks? What a waste. And to think, in a parallel universe, at this precise moment, people are trying to guess the characters slated to appear in Marvel vs Capcom vs LEGO.


[JonTt @ Twitter, via Go Nintendo] [image credit]

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