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Dammit, Mario, Can't You Let Luigi Have His Moment Of Glory?

Illustration for article titled Dammit, Mario, Cant You Let Luigi Have His Moment Of Glory?

Japan is getting a very pretty Luigi 3DS XL handheld later this year. It's got little green Luigis all over it, and a special logo for his 30th anniversary, riffing on the Super Mario Bros. 25th anniversary logo we saw a few years back.


But wait, what's that? In the top-right corner, as spotted by Tiny Cartridge?

Yup. Mario. Unable to resist the limelight even for a second.

There’s a Mario on the Year of Luigi 3DS XL [Tiny Cartridge]

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I gotta say, that's a really ugly pattern they put on it.

Should have just made it all green instead.