Daft Punk To Spin The Deadly Discs Of The Tron 2 Soundtrack

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The planned Tron movie sequel (that may to borrow the name of the 2003 video game) has at least one aspect that's promising—a soundtrack from French electronic duo Daft Punk.

While the return to the video game world of Tron—which has been titled both Tron 2.0 and TR2N during its pre-production—is still shrouded in mystery, music mag Billboard has confirmed that Daft Punk will be scoring the sequel. The only footage of the movie we've seen so far was at 2008's San Diego Comic-Con, at which Disney previewed footage of the re-imagined light cycle racing game.

Which, by the way, looked boneriffic.

Billboard, by way of the occasionally reliable IMDB, pegs the Tron movie sequel for a 2011 release.


Given Disney's internal video game development capabilities, we don't doubt that a video game adaptation of Tron 2.0 is in the works in some capacity. We're just wondering how they're going to get around the naming mess.

Daft Punk Scores TR2N Soundtrack [Billboard]

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