Daenerys Demands To Know Who 'Wins' The Game Of Thrones, Doesn't Unleash Dragons On George R.R. Martin

You don't mess with Daenerys Targaryen when she wants something. And she wants to know who the heck wins the Game of Thrones.

Or well, Emilia Clarke, the actor behind Daenerys, wants to know. According to Metro News, she's so adamant about learning who wins the game of thrones, she's begged George R.R. Martin to tell her. And she's gotten the men behind the show drunk too, just to see if they'll spill.

‘I've said to George ‘come on, tell me who wins, please!' And he thinks I'm joking and I say, ‘no, no, I'm deadly serious!'' she gushed. ‘His lips are sealed. And I'm sure that David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss] know but they don't tell anyone—I've got them drunk and they still wouldn't tell me.

‘I've been pleading with them, ‘tell me who wins!' And they won't say a word. They're under lock and key! But I care passionately about what happens to Dany. How could I not?'


No dice! But if she was really serious about finding out who wins she'd have sicced dragons on George R.R. Martin already. I mean, cmon. It's what Daenerys would do.

Emilia Clarke: I beg Game Of Thrones creators to tell me who wins [Metro News via The Mary Sue]

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