Dad's Tribute: Call of Duty on Soldier Son's Grave

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Touching? Whether a man and his son enjoy kicking a football or playing a video game together, who's to judge. But there is a helpless irony in seeing Call of Duty left on the grave of a fallen soldier.

In Wales, the 200th U.K. soldier to die in the Afghanistan conflict was memorialized this weekend. Pvt. Richard Hunt would have been 22 today, Hundreds came to pay their respects.

His father Phillip, enjoyed playing Call of Duty: World at War with his son. He left a copy of the game at his grave (along with a wreath and many other memorials). It bore the note: "Happy Birthday 'Hunty'. Play you again one day. Dad."


Hundreds Join Tribute to Soldier [BBC via GamePolitics]

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The way my country (USA) reflexively went to war and sent thousands of our friends, fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters to their deaths angers and saddens me to no end. No single person bears the blame, it's all our faults for not putting a stop to it when we could. I wish I had the balls to apologize to every mother that lost children in Afghanistan and/or Iraq.