Create your own character and adventure with Shu and friends in Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow, coming to the U.S. Nintendo DS this spring, courtesy of D3Publisher.

Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow is set two years after the original Blue Dragon and a year after the previous DS installment, Blue Dragon Plus. Instead of controlling Shu, the player creates their own character in this game, selecting the look and gender of your avatar before setting off on an adventure to rid the world of a newly-awakened enemy and restore balance.

A customizable character means the player can also change shadows to fit the situation, adding an element of strategy to the game that wasn't there before.

I have to admit, the original Blue Dragon is one of my least favorite RPG games of this console generation, and the first DS follow-up didn't impress me much. However, Awakened Shadow is developed by tri-Crescendo so there might still be hope.